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Stackin' Stylez 

Stackin' Stylez is a training modality that breaks down some of the traditional elements of urban freestyle dance to help dancers of all levels and all styles approach training more practically and strategically. This class is a guide to learning how to become more comfortable with freestyling, how to build your own style/approach to freestyle dance, as well as how to build strategy/creativity to excel within a competition format. Although the focus of the course will be on exploring elements of freestyle dance, the same elements can be applied to creating choreography. Its an all around, fun, challenging course that even the best dancer could take away inspiration from.


Popping Fundamentals I 

Beginner 6 week popping course. 
-Technique Training

This course is built to start from the basics and dive a little bit deeper each week. Concepts, drills, and training will build gradually throughout the 6 weeks. Drills, Technique training, exploration, and choregrpahy is perfect for those just starting as well as those who want to fine tune their foundation.


Summer Series | Fridays 8pm to 10  | Starting June 8th
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126 Border St #109
East Boston, MA 02128

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Urban Dance teacher workshop 

Urban Dance Pedagogy I
Creative Movement I
Business I - Sole Proprietor 

The Urban Dance Teacher Workshop is a 3 part course breaking down the structures of teaching urban dance to all ages, resources for personal development within the urban dance culture, and business fundamentals to maximize your profits as a sole proprietor business.