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Private lessons With Stiggity 

Private lessons allow you to really tune in to what you want to learn. Working 1 on 1 with an urban dance specialist will give you a pressure free space to fine tune the details and track your progress. Private lessons also cater to a particular type of learner being that there are so many different types; there are some people who would rather blend into a classroom with others while others might want a more personalized experience. Many clients have benefited tremendously from Private Lessons with Stiggity.


Private Lessons with Stiggity
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WOrkshops With Stiggity 

Book an urban dance workshop with Stiggity at your studio/program or sign up for one of our workshop courses. Contact us with information detailing what type of workshop(s) you are looking for, including the intended date, location, potential number of participants, and age range of participants. We will respond to you promptly with a quote.


Performance With Stiggity 

Book an urban dance performance for your event. We provide a wide variety performance types, if you are interested  in featuring us at your event, contact us with details including, the date, time, and location of the performance. Also specify, how many dancers you are looking to include in the performance, information on the intended audience, and intended length of performance.  We will respond to you promptly with a quote.


Interactive workshop with Stiggity

Great for birthday parties and camps of all sorts! An interactive performance is a performance that includes a workshop with the audience. This performance workshop is structured to last 45 min.

Interactive Workshop With Stiggity
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