Our Mission

A family that dances together, stays together
— Stiggity

We aim to provide a safe space for bonding in the household by offering dance & film services that involve family participation.  


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Stackin' Boston 

We aim to preserve and highlight Boston's urban art culture with a specific focus on the urban dance community. We accomplish this through documenting & archiving the stories of Boston urban art pioneers. In addition, we strive to make that information more accessible for the new generation of urban dancers in Boston. 

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The Stiggity Stackz Foundation

Our projects and collaborations are linked with community service based operations, ensuring that our growth is synonymous with the growth of our community and the communities of those we collaborate with.  

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We Build Up

We are present in the community as an added resource to help urban artist develop themselves so that they can be of better service to their own community. We aim to initiate a wave of urban artist stepping up to the front lines to become community leaders.