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Life Building Through Urban Art 


Why Stiggity? 

Stiggity | style, creativity
Stackz   | to build, expand, one layer at a time


Life Building Through Urban Art 

 Our main focus is centered around helping artist and people of interest, learn how to use art as a tool to build on some of the most important aspects of  life, so in return, they can be a better source of help to their own community. 

Purpose | Creativity | Financial Literacy | Physical Health/Awareness | Emotional Intelligence | Spirituality

 These principles are embedded into our educational & artistic based services, courses, collaborations, and merchandise apparel. 




Our dance services include classes, workshops, privates lessons, performances and more.



Our media team provides a unique range of  video & photo services, including dance films and dance event coverage.

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Creative Inspiration 

We are passionate about inspiration. Looking for motivated and successful artist to speak at your event? We offer public speaking services, as well as 1 on 1 mentoring/life coaching.


Coming UP


Stiggity EAST

Celebrating the grand opening of our life builders loft

We are excited to bring our concept dance studio boutique lounge to the East Boston community. Enjoy access to our dance programs, urban art retail, life builder courses, and more! 

Location: 126 Border St Unit 109 East Boston MA, 02128

Bot Builders Summer Camp
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Bot Builders dance training Program  

A youth robot training program for ages 5-9 & 10-13. Learn the fundamentals of robot dancing during this 2 week summer camp. There will be a final performance at the end of the 2 weeks as well as an opportunity to perform at one of the biggest freestyle dance culture event in Boston, 'Stackin' Stylez Vol. II' in September! All participants will maintain a special slot in the audition process for the professional youth robot company launching in the fall! Participants will also receive A free custom Bot Builders Tee with their name on the back. 

Session I                         

Starting July 9th -July 20th           
Monday through Friday
3:30pm-4:30 (Ages 5-9) 
5:00Pm-6:30 (Ages 10-13) 

Session II

Starting August 13th-24th
Monday through Friday
3:30pm-4:30 (Ages 5-9)
5:00pm-6:30 (Ages 10-13)